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  Our Clients:

 - Public Universities

 - Private Universities and Colleges

 - Private K-12 Schools

 - Charter Schools

 - YMCAs

 - Museums

 - Theaters

 - Foundations

 - Developmental Disability Agencies

 - Higher Ed Facilities Authorities

 - Child Welfare Organizations

 - Community Health Agencies

 Phone: 312-869-4070

 email: admin@longhousecapital.com

 Why Longhouse?

 Transparency       Experience       Independence     Analytical Capability

Our Skills and Experience

- Manage Bond Transactions - All Types

- Construct a Plan of Finance

- Bidding on Credit Enhancement

- Negotiation of Financial Covenants

- Rating Agency Presentations

- Advice on Planning Capital Campaigns


- Market Analysis - Underwriter Performance

- Debt Capacity Studies

- Project Feasibility Studies

- Fixed or Variable Rate Risk Analysis

- Investment of Bond Proceeds

- Derivative Transaction Monitoring



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